Our mission
When you think of the gym, you usually think of a place where weights and treadmills are used to stay in shape. The gym is where people go to improve their fitness level, performance, and body aesthetics for one or more purposes.
Today, the terms 'being fit' and 'fitness' are widely used in all kinds of social media, but we should not consider staying in shape only as aesthetic muscle development and having a low body fat percentage. There are different approaches to sports and these approaches change the goals and the methods leading to that goal.
The prodogram truly personalizes your fitness and diet plans by shaping them to your goals, lifestyle and fitness background. Whether you have the opportunity to go to a gym or not. Whether you want to build explosive strength, or you want an aesthetic body, you have multiple goals at once. We seek to be a guide for both beginners and people who have been living with sports for years.
We meet every single one of your sports needs. At Prodogram we have a fitness philosophy: