Frequently asked questions
What does your coaching packages offer?
The key to development is the dedication of both parties to the process. In our coaching package, it is essential that the development of the person is evaluated on a weekly basis and accordingly, the necessary touches are decided by exchanging ideas. We will help you on our WhatsApp for any question marks that may arise in your mind during this process.
What is the service you offer?
We provide the planning of nutritional supplements as well as training and diet programs prepared in accordance with the fitness level and lifestyle of the person. In order for you to understand all the instructions easily, we share your carefully written prodogram document with you, either in PDF or DOC form, depending on your preference. We share strength programs according to your level that will increase your weights for eight weeks and make you stronger. Our coaching service takes special care of you for every aspect of your goals.
What is your one-time program price?
You can learn the current price from Instagram account of @prodogramfit
• Priority is always one's own goal.
• It includes diet and food plans according to the person's calorie consumption.
• There are detailed explanations and recommendations on how the moves are performed.
• Includes a person's specific cardio program.
• It is designed according to the person's mansions and obscenity documents.
There is a quota after a point, we guide you to be with you on the way you want to reach your goals!